Ho-Ho Humbug 


When is all this holiday cheer going to end? I’m so sick of the lights, the tinsel, make it stop! Everyone is so merry and bright and it’s grating on my every nerve! If I hear one more clang of that dinging bell in front of the grocery store I will lose it!
Other people have no idea what I’m going through. They’re all so holly and jolly and I all I want to do stay in bed until January 2nd. The lump in my throat won’t go away and even the thought of eggnog makes my sick stomach sicker. Every Christmas carol I hear sends me into a fit of tears. Don’t they get it? Don’t they know? None of this stuff matters, not now and not ever. 

 After losing my love I couldn’t care less about presents and snow and lights and the glow. The best part of celebrating was about being with them and this season without them feels empty and wrong. Will I ever feel better again? Will I ever have that Christmas cheer back in my heart? It’s almost too unbearable to take. That’s why I’m crawling back under my covers, putting earplugs in, only to emerge on January 2nd, 2016 when things can go back to “normal”, whatever that is. Have a very

un-Merry Christmas and hurry-up New Year!!! 

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  1. We didn’t celebrate when I was young so the first Christmas with my boyfriend/eventual husband was my first Christmas. This is the first Christmas without him (Sat is 49 weeks that he has been gone) and I don’t care if I ever celebrate again. I worked Tues, Wed, Thurs and will work Sat and Sun. Would have worked today had they been open.

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